WE ARE POKHARA PARAGLIDING The Art of Flying FLY WITH EXPERIENCED PILOTS:- NISSIM THAPA, PRAJWAL GURUNG, ASHISH GURUNG, MAHESHWAR PARIYAR, SHANKAR JUNG SHAH AND PREM KC    Email: pkrpargliding@gmail.com BOOK NOW:- +977 61 460 260    +977 466 322  Current Rate* NRP-10,000 for Foreigners NRP-8,000 for Nepalese People......

Pokhara Paragliding PVT

It is our passion and profession!

Paragliding above Fewa Lake in Pokhara Paragliding - it's a lifetime experience Takeoff from Sarangkot mountain 1.5km high Flying is a lot of fun with Pokhara Paragliding The Art of Flying - Pokhara Paragliding

Classic Flight

15-30 minutes
Classic tandem flight for everyone

Cross Country Fly

35-60 minutes
Long "Cross Country" flight is a more thrilling adventure


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Pokhara Paragliding Private Limited, Nepal

We belong to Paragliding Industry of Nepal.
Everyone who has enjoyed our sport with us and under our team pilots, goes home with a big smile. This is our passion and profession. Over all these years of experience we are well known for providing an outstanding expertise to our passengers giving them ultimate satisfaction of flying.

Tandem Paragliding

Always Happy Flying with Pokhara Paragliding and Mahesh

Take three steps forward sit back in separate harness in front of the pilot where you can seat care free and enjoy beautifull surroundings of the Annapurna Mountain range, Pokhara city, Fewa lake and Sarangkot mountain where we are takking off from. Enjoy the relaxing 20 minutes fly or challenge a 1 hour "Cross Country" flight where pilot bring you from one thermal to another showing you the perfection of this sport. Many people tell us we doing the best job in the world. We take that very siriusly trying to continue doing our job in the best way we can!

Quick Photo - Tour

We collected some very emotional photos from the passengers who had already enjoyed flying with us. 

Pokhara Paragliding
Pokhara Paragliding
Cross-Country Flight
Cross-Country Flight
1465m Takeoff from Sarangkot
1465m Takeoff from Sarangkot
Flying above Fewa Lake
Flying above Fewa Lake
Paragliding in Nepal
Paragliding in Nepal
Birds-eye view landscapes
Birds-eye view landscapes
Fly with professionals
Fly with professionals
Flying is fun
Flying is fun


Video always tells more then anything else. Please enjoy watching this 6 minutes Movie about flying with Pokhara Paragliding in Nepal.

Pokhara Paragliding Movie

Contact us

Pokhara Paragliding Private Limited, Lakeside, Pokhara 33700, Nepal.

Tel.: +(977) 61 460 260,  +977 061 466 322,  +977 98 560 893 39

Email:- pkrparagliding@gmail.com


Book a Flight: Call (+ 977) 61 46 09 60

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