WE ARE POKHARA PARAGLIDING The Art of Flying FLY WITH EXPERIENCED PILOTS:- NISSIM THAPA, PRAJWAL GURUNG, ASHISH GURUNG, MAHESHWAR PARIYAR, SHANKAR JUNG SHAH AND PREM KC    Email: pkrpargliding@gmail.com BOOK NOW:- +977 61 460 260    +977 466 322  Current Rate* NRP-10,000 for Foreigners NRP-8,000 for Nepalese People......

Pokhara Paragliding PVT

How to book a flight?

The most simple way is you can just call us via phone. If you plan you vacation for a long time in advance you call e-mail us and tell us your date in Pokhara, and we will arrange the rest.

Direct booking phone: +(977) 61 460 260,  +977 061 466 322,  +977 98 560 893 39


We have a comunity page on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pokharaparagliding


TripAdvisor we use only for reviews, avoid contacting us there, as we check it only one's in a while. 

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Book a Flight: Call (+ 977) 61 46 09 60

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