WE ARE POKHARA PARAGLIDING The Art of Flying FLY WITH EXPERIENCED PILOTS:- NISSIM THAPA, PRAJWAL GURUNG, ASHISH GURUNG, MAHESHWAR PARIYAR, SHANKAR JUNG SHAH AND PREM KC    Email: pkrpargliding@gmail.com BOOK NOW:- +977 61 460 260    +977 466 322  Current Rate* NRP-10,000 for Foreigners NRP-8,000 for Nepalese People......

Pokhara Paragliding PVT

About Pokhara Paragliding

Pokhara Paragliding

Paragliding Industry of Nepal.
Everyone who has enjoyed our sport with us and under our team pilots, goes home with a big smile. This is our passion and profession. Over all these years of experience we are well known for providing an outstanding expertise to our passengers giving them ultimate satisfaction of flying. Over these years we build an outstanding reputation among the other paragliding companies in Pokhara. We work with different travel operators and individuals and they trust us completely.


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We are dealers of Tripple Seven Paragliders and equipment in Nepal