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14 Apr 2019

Price for the flight has changed since today

We glad to announce that price for the flight has changed from 14 April 2019.  

New price: Rs. 10,000 (For Foreign Nations), 8,000 NPR (For Nepalese)

New Price: Rs. 15,000 (For Foreign Nations), Rs. 12,000(For Nepalese) 

01 Jul 2016

Pokhara Paragliding

Dear Passengers,

Pokhara Paragliding is one of the best, reliable, and service oriented companies in Pokhara city, Flying from Sarangokot Mountain gives you Life-time experience and you can observe the magnificent views of Annapurna Range Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Dhaulagiri and many more.

Pokhara Paragliding is highly concious of the safety standards of our valued passengers so we strongly advise you to pay cencern over the basic safety measures that the paragliding company has to offer in particular.

So we can assure you that we have the best internationally recognized pilots, who have international insurance as well as the valid license. They are well-experienced and can make the flying safe and enjoyable, theirfore, it is suggested that you should read and know the profiles of our pilots. We also ensure you that we have local insurance.

Last but not least, if you come to us, we provide you the best ever and safe flight, giving you lifetime chance of flying Pokhara, observing the breathtaking mountain views of Nepal in essence.

Venice Thapa

23 May 2016

VOICE OF Managing Director

We are glad to announce that Venice Thapa is our Owner and Chairman at Pokhara Paragliding. Lives in Pokhara, Nepal and working in one of the top Paragliding Company in area. Venice is responsible for building a highly profesional team inside the company. Read More. 

12 Jun 2015

Basejump from paraglider tandem in Pokhara, Nepal

Short video we made about our experience in base jumping from tandem paraglider in Pokhara, Nepal. Tandem pilot: Max, Base: Kep, Music: Gnarls Barkley - Crazy, Thanks to all friends who made it possible. 

09 May 2015

Nepal is very safe to travel, officials said

Travel in nepal, time.com
We are pleased to inform you that Nepal is now safe to visit. If you have already booked your holiday or you are planning to, we welcome you with an open heart. 
The 7.9-magnitude quake laid waste to large swaths of Nepal’s capital Kathmandu (including several iconic heritage sites) and entire villages across the countryside have been flattened, but companies and officials alike insist visiting the country is now more important than ever.

07 May 2015

Nepal, Geography

Nepal, Terrain Map with India

Geography facts about Nepal, it's location and physiographic areas. As well as the description of all climate belts. Some information about climate as long as few facts about mountains of Nepal. We gathered here information about eight highest mountains of Nepal.

07 May 2015

Some nice photos from the canopy top

Photo from glider canopy

Recently we did one flight with attached GoPro camera on the top of the wing. We shot 3.6 GB video with it and here are some of the screenshots from this video. These shots can be a good addition to our movie about flying with Pokhara Paragliding.

01 May 2015

1. May - Grand opening of our web-site

We glad to announce you that we are finally done with the first step work on a website. We will be glad to introduce you more, but for now there is an impressive job done. Please enjoy browsing it, hope you like the structure. 

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