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Tandem Fly with Pokhara Paragliding




Tandem Paragliding in Pokhara 2017 with Nissim ThapaTake two to five steps forward, sit back, calm your breathing and enjoy the thrilling flight together with birds and other gliders flying around Sarangkot Mountain. Pilot will take you up to the thermal top to the very cloudbase of it, from there you will slowly descend through the magical scenary of Annapurna Mountain Range with contrastic Fewa Lake below and epic scenary of Pokhara valley.    

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It is always recomended to come and visit us in the office and book the flight directly from the counter, but there are other ways how to do it. Any travel agent recognise us as "Pokhara Paragliding pvt.", so before making your booking, ensure you will fly with us. 
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Flying from Sarangkot (1500m) 

The ride to the take-off takes only 25 minutes.

We are flying from Sarangkot Mountain (1500m) and using the most convinient takeoff in the area.  The ride to the take-off takes only 25 minutes.  That gives us more time to spend with our passengers explaining them everything they want to know about flying.

Classic flight

Thermal Flying in Pokhara in Rododendrum Garden

Most people prefere to challenge this type of flight because it's an easy 15-30 minutes ride, absolutly enough for most of the people to enjoy the full airtime completely and land with a big smile.

Classic flight with Pokhara Paragliding involves flying in house thermal and calm flight out into the valley of Fewa lake, slow descend and landing on the other side of lake. Purchase in-flight video & photos as it is a very memorable life-time experience.

Ask your pilot to make acrobatic manevers if you feel like doing it. Beware, acrobatics involes a high loads but it's a most thrilling experience many people said.

Learn moreLearn more about "Classic" flight.

Cross-country fly | Photo by Albarsark

Cross-country flying

Once you decided to fly Cross-country flight where pilots can glide from one thermal to the next to go from one place to another crossing the lake, valley or flying along the Sarangkot Mountain. Having gained altitude in a thermal, a pilot glides down to the next available thermal. Cloudbase in Pokhara varies from season but average is 2500 m above see level.

"Cross-country" flight lasts from 35 minutes to 1 hour. 

In Pokhara we are still able to do very impressive Cross-Country flights as the airspace for that yet is open. 

Learn moreLearn more about "Cross-country" flight


Thermal Flying in Pokhara in Rododendrum Garden

Despite that any pilot in our team can peform solid acro, before flying with Pokhara Paragliding, inform us if you want to try acrobatics and we will arrange the best pilot acording to your weight as maneuvers are always more dynamic with propper load. 

It's not a secret that to some, this is the only what they want to experience coming to fly to Pokhara Paragliding.  Ask your pilot to make a small maneuvers if you want just an intruduction to acro flying. 

We don't charge any extras for acrobatic sensation flight unlike the other flying spots in the world

Learn moreLearn more about "Acro" flying


Takeoff at Pokhara Paragliding

As with many aircrafts, paragliding launching and landing are done into wind. The wing is placed into an airstream. As Pilot and Passenger runs into wind, the wing moves up over the pilot and passenger into a position in which it can carry both. The tandem is then lifted from the ground and, after a safety period, both can sit down into his harnesses.

Unlike skydivers, paragliders, like hang gliders, do not "jump" at any time during this process. Launching is a very thrilling moment for many people and our experienced pilots are always there with you. 


Video always tells more then anything else. Please enjoy watching this 6 minutes Movie about flying with Pokhara Paragliding in Nepal.

Pokhara Paragliding Movie


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